Ji Sung Park: A Legendary Red Devil

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Asian Football, English Premier League
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Ji Sung Park might possibly be Sir Alex Ferguson’s best signing in the last 6 years. The former South Korean Captain has always been overshadowed by his marquee teammates Cristiano Ronaldo (Now at Real Madrid) and Wayne Rooney, but he embodies the spirit that drives the Red Devils towards becoming the most successful club in England. Singled out for his big game goals, what often escapes the media’s glance is how integral Park is tactically to Manchester United.  Park has an uncanny habit of scoring in the big games, a look at his record against Arsenal only confirms this. Add to that important goals against Chelsea, Liverpool and even Wolves this season, help keep the momentum firmly with Manchester United in the title race.

Ji Sung Park

A workhorse with exceptional skill and versatility across the midfield, Park has earned praise and respect from everyone of the Clubs staff, signified by him being made captain against Lille in a Champions League game in 2005, the first Asian to do so.

Having already helped Manchester United to 3 league titles, Park’s desire and dedication to doing his best for the Red Devil’s will only increase the size of the trophy cabinet at Old Trafford and underline his status as a Manchester United Legend.


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